Got off social media so I would stop raw dogging the Internet and feeling bad

Ended up raw dogging the inside of my psyche as a compensatory mechanism lmao

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"If popular psychological wisdom has it that you have to love yourself before you can love another, my story suggests that you have to love life before you can care about anything. The wager is that, to some small but irreducible extent, one must be enamored with existence and occasionally even enchanted in the face of it in order to be capable of donating some of one's scarce mortal resources to the service of others."

-- "The enchantment of modern life"

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Don't Talk To Me Until I've Overanalysed Every Social Interaction I Had Yesterday, Convinced Myself I've Alienated Everyone I Spoke To, Imagined Every Way I Could Fuck Up Today, Been Overwhelmed By Horror About The Future, And Had My Coffee

Wandavision spoilers 

I think the most unheimlich thing about Wandavision is that it illustrates in miniature how 21st century comic films are the United States (and Israel, with WW1984) "addressing" their failures in their Wars on Terror, their moral culpability, by creating propagandic delusions in which they as god-like beings rewrite tragedy

(much like the Scarlet Witch constructs Westview around her, so she can have the picturesque life with Vision she always wanted)

Weeping on the toilet listening to 90s jungle

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I'm not a religious man, but there's something holy about the soft crunch of fresh snow and the intermittent jingle of the collar as your dog walks in front of you on a winter night